The Journey


I was taken back into the past
And all I saw was darkness and struggle
Violence, hatred, and bigotry

I yearned for an all-consuming remedy
A harmonic, unrealized, idealized system
That would turn the tides of history

So I turned where all turn when they lose hope
I found a Political Man
A man with the perfect system, policies, and ideologies

But as my allegiance grew
I began to realize that the policies I had once idealized
Were not so great after all

I saw the bombardments continue
I saw greed prevail
While humans were no more than a pawn in his game

I grew weary of the Political Man
And after a short time I met the Consumer Man

The Consumer Man had it all

I wanted to be the Consumer Man
I wanted to look quick, sleek, and advanced
I wanted the iPhone, the house, the car, the family

Surely it would make me more happy?

But by iPhone 25
The new gadgets began to seem futile

The more perfect cars I bought, the less perfect they seemed
The house had three stories, but rarely witnessed a happy morning
And as perfect as Facebook made my family seem
Deep wounds appeared beyond the screen

I ran into another man, a War Man
His guns, his patriotism, his dedication to military
Would never budge under any circumstance
Surely he would bring me ultimate security?

I watched him sing the praises of the machines of war
In awe we stood,
But I quickly realized
“Security” was just a word
A word to make me feel safe
A word I could use to justify murder

Somehow it became real to me
The more security we were given
The more violence became our reality

So I found an Intelligent Man
With an unrivaled logical, factual, practical coherence
That rendered his opponents voiceless
And persuaded me instantaneously

But no matter how correct he seemed
Something was missing
A body can do good work with a brain
But without a heart how will it function properly?

So I searched out the heart of a Religious Man
To get me back on track

He was a righteous man
A man of authority
Who knew all the right answers

But the questions I was asking
Deserved patience
They deserved the deep, long struggle of searching
With the reality that perhaps I may never know
And maybe that is okay

He knew who was in
He knew who was out

I don’t know where to begin
But I just want to shout

I abandoned the Religious Man
I was hurt

So I found the Spiritual Man
Who’s life was an expression of emotion
Who was on top of the world singing the praises

But when struggle was realized
He couldn’t escape life’s mazes

Being built on emotion can be a powerful thing
But I wonder how long it can last?

Why am I lost?
Why can I not bring harmony
To a world that doesn’t know the cost?

Am I stuck?
Am I enslaved to one man or the other?
Show me where hope is!

Out my door I went
Head down
Face wearing nothing but my frown

When out of the corner of my eye
I saw a stranger pass by
“Why do you frown,” he asked
“When all the world is shining around you?”

Suddenly, a vision fell upon me
Of Christ upon the cross
Of the man sabotaged by the Political Man
The Consumer Man
The War Man
The Intelligent Man
The Religious Man
And the Spiritual Man

Yet what I heard was not words of anger

The man who knew
That politicians could never save us
That consuming material goods
Would only create in us an unwillingness to love
That swords saving us from swords
Would only give rise to more swords
That mind over heart
As correct as it seems
Is not the way of heaven
That righteousness
Is the surest sign of the lost
And that deep roots are not reached by the frost

This man on the cross
Murdered by a collection of these thoughts
Decided to forgive us
We don’t know what we do

I guess I agree with you


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